WA organic industry projectThe Western Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has commissioned Policy Partners to review the indicators of maturity and quality of the Organic Industry in WA compared with benchmarks in other States.

WA contributes 26 per cent of the total value of Australian agricultural production, but only contributes around 10 per cent to total Australian production of organic livestock, vegetable, fruit and grains. It also contributes around 14 per cent of eggs, 3 per cent of dairy, 10 per cent of sheep, and 5 per cent of beef.

Consequently, organic production could be viewed as significantly underdeveloped in WA, when compared with the rest of Australia.

Furthermore, Australian exports of organic products is growing at around 18 per cent annually. Consequently, WA may be missing out on significant growth potential for its agriculture industries.

Policy Partners will be engaging with industry to consider the opportunities, challenges and options for development of the WA organics industry.

WA Organics Industry: Opportunities, Challenges and Options for Development