Peter is a senior consultant with Policy Partners and has held Senior Partner and CEO positions across his 45-year career.

Growing up in outback Queensland, western NSW and WA, Peter commenced his professional career in the Army (RAEME).  Following a distinguished career in private enterprise, notably as the pioneer of GPS in Australia, Peter has spent the last 2 decades providing performance management advisory services in the fields of strategy, risk, change, problem resolution, governance, crisis events, and capability reforms.

Peter is a specialist in strategy, performance, and risk with experience across a wide range of industry including technology, logistics, waste, utilities, sport, manufacturing, education, infrastructure, biosecurity, and government (state and federal). He leads and facilitates organisational priority setting, reform agenda development, and crisis recovery needs for government, not-for-profit, and the private sector.

That 45 years of industry experience spanning military, public, not-for-profit, and private sectors, including complex, challenging and often emotional charged insolvency recoveries, brings a wealth of experience, thought leadership and, importantly, the pragmatic discipline and tools to get organisations on the stepping-stones to develop and accept priorities and, critically, the detail to action those priorities.

Over the past 2 decades Peter has led public sector agencies and public funded programs to innovative postures for performance, or back from the brink of disaster, has facilitated the reform of public policy, led agencies to more relevant thinking and investment prioritisation in relation to Whole of Government and Federal/State/Australia & New Zealand agenda.